User Agreement

Lars&Rosa love to share stuff with you and we always have the best intentions. But there are a few things we like to mention when you use our awesome Movie Maker service. Basically a user agreement is a big list of stuff we as “Lars&Rosa” and you, our “Amazing fans” agree to when you use our service. The reason we ask you to agree with this agreement is so that we both know our rights and duties when enjoying Lars&Rosa content.

Below we have writen down, in a really simple way what you agree to when you buy or use our services and products.


What is a user agreement

Lars&Rosa are awesome and you are awesome!!! So now that we all know this, Lars&Rosa want to tell you a few things about your visit to our website and the use of our services. Lars&Rosa don’t like to many rules but we have a few.
Lars&Rosa have written this awesome user agreement to make sure that you know what you agree too when you visit our website or make use of any of our services.
Let’s begin.

Who is Lars&Rosa

When we talk about “us”, “we”, “our” and “Lars&Rosa” we are talking about the awesome people behind the sweet characters Lars&Rosa. Lars&Rosa are created by a company called K-H Animations. Of course even tho you can always talk to Lars&Rosa, there are also real people helping Lars&Rosa out with all their silly adventures. So when you hear us say or write “us”, “we”, “our” and “Lars&Rosa” it’s actually those awesome people from K-H Animations.


When Lars&Rosa talk about our services we are talking about anything that you can do or buy on our website. For example it can be that you can download an image for free, play a game or you use a part of the website that lets you buy a digital product like a movie.

Digital product

Lars&Rosa love everything about the internet and our fans love to use Lars&Rosa to communicate online and on social media. That’s why Lars&Rosa create a lot of different fun ways to express yourselves by using stickers, movies and all sorts of other things. All of these “things” are made by Lars&Rosa on the computer. Because Lars&Rosa sometime ask money for what they make, it can become a product. When you buy one of these products, it is the same like when you buy milk at the grocery store. The only difference is that it is a “Digital Product” and you can use it online or keep it on the memory of your phone or computer.


We hear you thinking “ooooooh…. Lars&Rosa nooooo….! whyyyyyy do I need to spend my precious Youtube times, reading this awesome user agreement and why is it there in the first place!?!

The simple answer is:

When you buy something from Lars&Rosa, we ask you to agree with the rules that Lars&Rosa have made that apply to you purchase from us. Those rules tell you what you can and cannot do or expect and what our obligations are towards you.

The longer answer is:

We want to make sure that you know what happens when you use any of our services or buy any of our digital products. Because when you do any of these things it actually means that we are doing something for you. Especially when you pay money for one of our services or products, it means that Lars&Rosa and you have made a financial connection. You give us money and we give you something in return. Now this is known as a purchase or transaction. Lars&Rosa use this awesome user agreement to tell you what rules we have, when you make use of our services or buy any of products. That way we both know upfront what we can expect and what not. You still following so far? These rules usually don’t really matter because when everything goes fine everybody is happy. But sometimes it happens that you are not happy with what you got when you bought something from Lars&Rosa. Then it’s really handy to see for you and us how to handle this


Here it comes ooooh “Liability” such an expensive word. Lars&Rosa don’t use it so much. But this text below basically states a set of rules from Lars&Rosa.

When signing this agreement you acknowledge too and agree with the following Lars&Rosa statement;

We are not liable for anything that might occur during your visit on our website or use of any of our services.

You visit our website and use our services at your own risk and Lars&Rosa are in no way legally or financially responsible for any mistake or error that might occur at any point in the process.

You can not claim any financial reimbursement on any purchases you have made on our website.

Lars&Rosa keep the right to judge each individual case on its own and are not obligated to anybody who uses their services to pay back any money after a transaction made even if the product isn’t completely to the users satisfaction.

Having said this, Lars&Rosa want everybody to have a good time and so we will try to make our best efforts, within reason, to help out when something goes wrong.


Now this point Lars&Rosa want to make clear, is that we don’t sell or share any of your personal details to anybody else. So when we ask your name or any other superduper personal information we keep it in the Lars&Rosa vault next to all the donuts and we never give anybody the combination.


So now we have made clear our rules and you only have to accept them we can start having fun. We hope you will enjoy all the nice thing that we can bring you and as always.